POLYGRAPH SCIENCE ACADEMY - Former Law Enforcement Director

Polygraph Examiner's Course

    • The Polygraph Science Academy , conducts certification training in basic POLYGRAPH COURSE. The Polygraph  Examiner's Basic Course is a 320-hour resident basic training phase (6-8 weeks)in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and 2  week off campus to provide the candidate with the skills,knowledge and ability to administer polygraph screening and examinations in the government and private sectors.


    • The Polygraph Science Academy is established to provide quality polygraph training to highly motivated individuals in law enforcement, government and the private sectors. Today, polygraph testing remains the most accurate means of developing and verifying the truth and detecting deception.


    • Candidates will obtain extensive "hands on" experience with analogue and computerized polygraph instruments as well as acquire a solid academic understanding on polygraph science. Graduates will be able to administer examinations professionally, with confidence and accuracy based on local culture.


    The Polygraph Examiner's Course are as follows:-


      • Full -Time Basis (6- 8 Weeks) Plus 2 weeks Off Campus
      • Theory and Practice
      • Fully Conducted in Malaysia
      • Internationally Recognized
      • American Association of Police Polygraphist (AAPP) Membership
      • The Director of the Academy is also a member in good standing of the APA
      • A formerly the Director of Training in the Anti-Corruption Agency Malaysia.
      • Tailored made to your organization's need and our culture!!!
      • We have trainned students from Indonesia,Australia,South Africa,Taiwan,Brunei and Malaysia
      • Malaysia is one of the safest countries in the world




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This Course Will Help You To:

    • Learn interrogation techniques to solicit confession a nd detection of deception
    • Operate the latest computerized testing instrument and scoring software
    • Provide the students and ex students with latest polygraph software from time to time
    • Gain 'hands-on' experience and exposure in related fields
    • Qualify as professional polygraph examiners
    • Our chief examiner had conducted polygraph examinations in Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei,Taiwan,Philippines and Malaysia
    • Students will benefit from his vast experience and knowledge on such tests in various cultural settings.

Course Recognition

    • American Association of Police Polygraphist
    • National Polygraph Association
    • California Association of Polygraph Examiners
    • Alabama Polygraph Examiners Board
    • Texas Polygraph Examiners Board
    • Colorado Polygraph Examiners Association
    • The Polygraph Association of South Africa

    Course Structure

  • The Polygraph Examiner's Course covers three hundred and twenty (320) hours of instruction plus 2 week off campus.
  • The curriculum consists of the following:
  • History of Polygraph
  • Detection of Deception (PDD)
  • Polygraph Instrumentation
  • Computerized Instrumentation & Operations
  • Physiology And Psychology
  • Ethical Standards
  • Test Question Formulation
  • Polygraph Techniques
  • Chart Intepretation - Latest
  • Legal Aspects Related To Polygraph Science
  • Pretest Interviewing Procedures
  • Post Test Interrogation Techniques
  • Practical