• Document is important to correctly and served on time to avoid unnecessary problem.
    • There are several ways to serve a document or Legal Papers in the Malaysia
    • Some document can simply be post-boxed at the address whereas others require personal service only
    • Other types of papers can be post-boxed at the address but only after a set process failed to serve to the owner.
    • To make sure the document are served on time and served correctly it is wise to employ the service of an experienced local process server
    • Once served the process server will usually provide you with either a Statement of Service confirming the date and time the documents were served or video taped
    • Another benefit of using a Process Server is we are completely independent private investigators. We are not biased as to what we say or do
    • Therefore the proof of service provided by a process server may carry more weight than a statement made by yourself.




  • Confidentiality is Guarentteed