Hire right, quality and integrity applicants in your organization. Avoid losses, dishonesty, reduce wasted benefits & training costs
      • Integrity, Internal Control and Cmpliance

      The 2016 Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Report to the Nation highlighted the fact that fraud imposes a significant risk to any business, large or small.

      A recent KPMG survey has revealed that: "In 89% of the profiles (of a typical fraudster), the fraudsters’ committed fraudulent acts against their own employers."

      We are committed to suppport our clients to maintaining a world-class compliance culture in organizations. This can be done by identifying weaknesses and gaps within systems, processes, increase the level of integrity, introduce the practical SOP,documentation and reporting to improve the quality and efficiency of compliance systems.

      A compliance-based code of ethics and training will be introduced to ensure that the business,employees and its vendors comply with all laws and regulations of organizations. The main areas are detection,prevention and punishment of non-compliance behaviour

      Internal controls are processes and procedures put in place in an organizations are important to ;

      • Prevent fraud and pilferage
      • Safeguard the organization's assets
      • Records are accurate and right
      • Promote,acess the effectiveness and efficiency of operations
      • Assessment of effectiveness of control procedure abd regulation
      • Ensure adherence to compliance with laws,policies, regulations, and contracts












  • Pre Employment Screening
  • Provide pre employment screening to reduce the risk of criminal or other disruptive behaviour.
  • There are two ways: conducting polygraph test or a thorough background checks
  • Reduce dishonesty losses, save training costs and avoid wasted benefits,
  • Hire Quality applicants
  • Brand Protection
  • We conduct investigations on intelletual property (IP) ro protect gamist counterfeiting and piracy since 2001,
  • Litigation
  • Litigation Support investigations.